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Guidelines to Conduct SMC Elections 2016

Guidelines to Conduct SMC Elections 2016
Guidelines for Conduct of SMC Elections  (under  sub  rule  (1) of Rule  19)
a)  The   School  Management  Committee  (SMC) shall   be   constituted  in every school, other  than  an unaided school, within  its jurisdiction.
b)  The  school having  both  primary and  upper   primary  classes   shall  have one  SMCfor the  entire  school;
c)   In  case  of schools having classes   for both  elementary  and    secondary education,                separate    School   Management    Committee .    shall     be constituted  for the  elementary section, which may  be  styled as  'upper primary School Management Committee' of the  corresponding school;
d) The  School Management Committee once  constituted   shall   exist perpetually          until    its   abolition  or  merger,  to  be   authorized   by  the Manda! Education Officer in  case  of Primary Schools and  the  DEO in case  of other   schools. However members will retire   as  per  their  terms. The   resultant   cyclical  and   casual    vacancies   shall   be  filled   within reasonable  time  as prescribed by the  Implementation Authority."
4. Composition  of the  School   Management Committee
(a)  Elected members: (Clause  (a) in Sub-rule (2) of Rule.19)
(1)  Three   parents/guardians     elected   by   parents/guardians     of children                     in   each    class,    of  whom  at   least    one    person    is parent/guardian            of a  child  from  the  disadvantaged  group and another                person   is  a  parent/   guardian   of  a  child   belonging to weaker   sections, and  two are  women. Provided that,   in case,  the  number  of children  in a class  is less than 6,  the   same   shall   be-  combined with   the   next   lower  or higher   class,   such  that   the  number  of electors  in  the  combined class  is 6 or.more.
(2) The  term   of an  elected   member  will  be  for  two  years,    or  the  date of                leaving-from-the-school        of     the      member's      child/ward, whichever   is  earlier.
(3) New    parent/    guardian     members     from     entry      class     will    be inducted       into   the   SMC  to  replace    those    parent     members   who will  move out  of the  SMC  when   their   children   leave   school."
(6). Ex-officio members:  (Clause (b) in Sub-rule (2) of Rule.19)
(1) The  Head  Teacher or the  in charge   Head  Teacher of the  school shall  be the  Member Convenor;
(2) Additional Teacher  Member nominated  by  the  MEO preferably from  the  gender  opposite to that  of the  Head  Teacher;
(3) The  concerned  Corporator  /  Councillor/   Ward  Member, as  the case  may  be;
(4) The  Anganwadi Worker(s) serving   the   neighbourhood   area   of the  school;
(5) The  Multipurpose  Health   Worker   -  Female   (ANM) serving   the neighbourhood  area  of the  school;
(6) The     President    of    Mahila     Samakhya    of    the     concerned village/  ward."

 (c).  Coopted members:  (Clause (c)  in Sub-rule(2) of Rule.19)

 (1)  Two  school   supporters   from   among   persons  who   is  an   eminent educationist,              a    philanthropist,    office  bearer     of   a    voluntary organization,  an   alumni    or  such   other   supporter   of  the   school; coopted by the  elected  members of the  SMC.
(2)  The  term  of coopeted members  shall  be  two years   from  the  date  of first  meeting followingthe date  of cooption."

(d}  Local Authority - Clause   (d) in Sub-rule (2) of Rule  19
"Local-Authority-Chairperson:  The   concerned   Sarpanch   / Municipal  Chairperson   /   Mayor may  attend    any   meeting  of  SMC  in their  respective areas,   at his/   her  discretion."

5.   Election  for  Chairperson    & Vice Chairperson  (Sub-rule (3) of Rule  19) The School  Management  Committee shall  elect  the  Chairperson  and  the

Vice  Chairperson   from  among   its  elected   members.    Provided that   at least   one   of  them   should    be  a  parent/   guardian   of  a  child   from  the disadvantaged   group    or   the   weaker    sections.   Provided  further    that atleast   one  of them  should  be a woman."

6. (Clauses f,g,h,i  & j  in Sub-rule(4) of Rule.19)

1.  Both   parents    of  a  child   may  participate  in  the   deliberations  of  the annual   general  body.  However, only one  of the  parents   shall  be eligible to vote for election of parent/   guardian  representative  to the  SMC.
2.   Parents/guardians    having  children in different classes   shall  be eligible to participate  in the  election process   of each  class.
3.  The Head  Teacher shall  conduct the  election.
4.  At   least    50%    of   the    parents/  guardians    should     be   present     for conducting  the  elections.
5.  Elections  shall   ordinarily  be   by  show   of  hands     or  voice   vote.   In extraordinary    situations    of   unresolved   contention,    secret     ballot procedure  may  be adopted."

7. meeting with  all the  members  of SMC (i.e.,  elected   members,  ex-officio members  and   co-opted  members)  shall   be  conducted   on  the   day  of oath taken   by  the  members.  The  tenure   of the  new  SMCs  will  come  into  force from the  day  of the  oath  taken  by the  members.


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