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Rc.No:25 Rationlization/Transfers -Work Adjustment web Option Schedule

Sub:-   School Education -  Rationalization I Transfers, 2015 -  Headmasters and
Teachers -    Certain information  called - Reg.

Read:-1.   G.0.Ms.No.63   Edn., (Ser.II)  Department, Dated:31.08.2015.
2. G.O.Ms.No.66   Edn.,  (Ser.II)  Department, Dated:02.09.2015.
3. CSE Procs. Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,  Dated:03.09.2015,  09.09.2015   and
4.  Video conference held on 11.09.2015  and 12.09.2015.
5.  CSE Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,  Dated:12.09.2015,     16.09.2015,
22.09.2015   and 26-10-2015   .....

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational  Officers in the State are invited to the references read above wherein the Government have issued for regulation of transfers rules 2015-16 and in pursuance of the orders and related guidelines the following action was taken.

I. The action  taken till now:

i)         Rationalization  in respect of the identified Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) taken up as per the norms issued by the Government.

ii)        For all the Primary Schools (other than Model Primary Schools) including the positively consolidated schools,  the norms prescribed in G.O.Ms.No.55   Edn., Dated:23.04.2011   are followed.

iii)       Where  the  enrolment   is <10,   and  where there  is no  other  Government School  within  the 1    Km radius to adjust the students,  a primary school is provided I continued in line with RTE requirements.

iv)        The rationalization exercise for Upper Primary and High Schools is not taken up during this year. All the vacancies in the Upper Primary and High  Schools were opened and displayed irrespective of need.

v)        It was  informed  to  all  the  concerned  that,  after  completion  of transfer exercise,  if the need was  not established  in  the transferred school such teachers will be adjusted to the schools where there is requirement,  on work adjustment basis till the end of the academic year.

vi)       Transfers taken up through online web counseling and transfer orders are issued.

II.  Action  to be taken:

Redressal of grievances received from the teachers transferred through online web counseling and issue of orders with regard to the redressal of grievances of


(a) As per Rule 19(1)  of G.O.Ms.No.63    Edn.,  Dt.31-08-2015  with regard to relief
of teachers "The Headmaster Gr.II  Gazetted I Teacher who are on transfer shall
be relieved  within 7 days from the present place of working on receipt of the
transfer orders and he I she shall join in the new school  where they are posted on the next day of issue I receipt of orders.  Provided  the Teachers (including
subject  teachers)  who  are  transferred  under  Transfer   Counseling  shall  be
relieved subject to the condition that there shall be 50% of regular teachers

(fraction   shall  be treated  as one)  working  in the school  and also  only  the senior most Teachers  (including  subject  teachers)   shall be relieved".

(b)   It  is  brought   to  notice   of  Commissioner    of  School   Education,    Andhra Pradesh,   Hyderabad   that some  of teachers   who  have  opted  for transfer  to a specific   place  and  to whom  the transfer  orders  are issued  are  not relieved from  schools  for want of substitutes

(c)  Therefore,   Craft  teachers  I Vocational instructors  and Physical  Educational Teachers who have participated  in the online web counseling  and whose transfer orders are issued may be relieved  to join  in  the new places,  even if substitutes  are  not  available.   Similarly  where  one  subject  teacher  is available   to  cover  the  subject  concerned  the  second  teacher  may  be

iii)   Assessment of surplus teachers on the basis of working strength is to be arrived

iv) Assessment   of  needy  schools  and  category  wise  teachers   duly  taking requirement of posts I teachers in Upper Primary and High Schools as per the norms proposed to Government (which is already communicated to the DEOs) to ensure teacher pupil ratio at class room & school level.

Ill. Process  to be followed:

(i)       The following criteria is to be adopted for providing  surplus teachers on work adjustment basis duly arriving at need as per priority given below:

1.      As per Teacher Pupil Ratio, as per Right to Education Norms i.e.  Primary schools 1 :30,  Upper Primary Schools  1 :35 and High Schools  1 :40.
2.   Upper  Primary  School requirement in  VI  and VII  Classes and also in upgraded Upper Primary Schools from VI to VIII Classes.
3.   For High Schools where the class  I section strength is more than 50.
4.   Deputation of qualified  surplus teachers to DIETs I CTEs I 1.A.S.Es  as per requirement,  etc.,
5.   Providing academic monitoring support to Manda! Educational Officers I
Deputy Educational Officers.

(ii)        The identified Surplus teachers shall have to exercise online web option for posting to needy schools on work adjustment basis.

(iii)      For surplus  teacher allocation,  the seniority as prepared during the transfer counseling shall have to be strictly utilized.

(iv)      Due to technical  reasons some of the female teachers I Headmasters could not be accommodated in Girls High Schools.    Further Language teachers Urdu/Telugu could  not be transferred against the language concerned. Such teachers who have applied in  the grievances link & whose grievance could not be settled for want of vacancies etc. may also  participate in  the web options during the allocation of surplus teachers.

IV. Schedule  of activity.

In  view of the above, the following is the schedule of the activity is to be followed.

a.   Uploading the list  of the schools I institutions  and  category of teachers needed I required in the school in the formats   annexure-1  & II provided in the web on or before 05.12.2015.

b.   Display of seniority list and need based places in web on 06-12-2015.

c.   Exercising  web options by surplus teacher from 07-12-2015 to 09-12-2015.

d.   Issue  of web based allotment order to surplus teachers to needy places on 11-

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