Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rc.7938 ,DEO Prakasam, Downgrade of 29 UP schools in Prakasam Dist

RC.7938 ,DEO PRAKASAM   Dated.30/9/15
School Education - zero enrollment Schools in U.p Section of M.P.u.p.schoors - Downgrade of U.p sections in 29 u.p schools and arso change of nornenclature from Mandar Parishad upper primary schoors to Mandar paishad primary Schoo! - Orders -Issued - R.eglrding.
Read:-DISE data -2!AL4-t5and as per the roll as on 30.0g.2015.
As per DISE 2014-l-5 data , Zero Enrollment in U.p Sections .of Mandal Farishad Upper Primary schools (vI & vII) during the past 2 years are28' But at pres'ent Z-era enrollnnent in U.P. sections of MpUp Schools in thedistrict during the academic year 2015-16 are 3g. out of that 10 U.p schools
are having School Assistants and Language Pandit posts and the remaining 29 [J'P schools are not having SA's, LP'$. In this context 39-10= 2g are not having sanctioned posts otirer than sGTs in U.P sections as per the data available in the office.
In view of the above orders are hereby issued to Downgrade 29 M'p'U'P Schools as F4.P'P. Schools and also nomenclature of 2g-MpUp Schools are changed as wIPP schools w.e.f.01.10.2015. The list of Down-graded 2gp{PUp Schoois is here with enclosed.
DOWNLOAD HERE Downgrade of 29 UP schools in Prakasam Dist


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