Sunday, 4 October 2015

List of Vacancies of LFL, SGT (TEL) & SGT (Urdu)


Present: Sri Muvva Ramalingam

Rc.No: 4626/A4/2015, Dt: 19-09-2015

Sub: School Education –Redistribution of of Resources and Rationalisation of School /Posts/ Teachers – Communication of Data – Confirmation Called for – Reg

Ref: 1. Procs. Rc.No. 25/Estt-3/2015 dated 03-09-2015 of the CSE,A.P., Hyd

                                                                & & &

As per the orders issued in the reference cited above, the after Rationalization Particulars and the Vacancies are herewith communicated for confirmation and correctness of the Data.
All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are hereby instructed to submit the corrected data by 11 AM on 20-09-2015 without fail. MEOs are requested to submit signed scanned copy of corrected/confirmed vacancies immediately.
 This should be treated as most urgent.

Encl: 1. Model Primary Schools list
         2. Positive Consolidation list
         3. All Schools Rationalisation Data
             (Excel format)
         4. Vacancies of LFL , SGT (TEL) & SGT (Urdu)
5. 127 list of 2013 not relieved teachers

                                                                                                           District Educational Officer
                                                                                                              Prakasam District, Ongole.

To All the MEOs in the District.

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