Friday, 11 September 2015

Rc.No.7493/B7/2015 ,Action Plan on Greening of Rural Institutions through MGNREGS

                                           Present : Sri Muvva Rama Lingam
Rc.No.7493/B7/2015                             Dt:10-09-2015
Sub: SSA, AP, Hyderabad – Comprehensive Action Plan on Greening of  Rural Institutions through MGNREGS – Orders Issued – Regarding.
Ref: 1.Workshop held on dt.07-09-2015 with Department of Social Forestry in 
          Vijayawada with Hon’ble Chief Minister, A.P, Hyderabad

2. Memo.No.Nil/SSA/Greening of Rural Institutions/2015-16                       Date:08- 09-2015 OF THE STATE PROJECT DIRECTOR,SARVA SHIKSH  ABHIYAN, ANDHRA PRADESH, HYDERABAD
3. Video Conference held at Ongole on 09-09-2015 by D.E.O,        D.P.O,PD DRDA, PD DWMA, D.F.O, P.O SSA.
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    In the reference cited, the    Hon’ble Chief Minister has directed  to support School Education Department in toilet maintenance and watch and ward of schools regarding Comprehensive action plan on School Nursery and the DEOs are requested to sort out the schools list where compound walls/fencing, water facility and land available and upload the same in the website: by 14-09-2015 positively along with the photos of the schools for developing the nurseries through MGNREGS Funds as desired by the committee as per Annexure. Further directed to register the nursery all the students of 8th to 10th Classrooms as Green Corporation Soldiers and upload in the website along with the photos. In this context the following instructions are issued to Deputy Educational Officers and Headmaster of all managements and Mandal Educational Officer in the district
1. To identify the schools which have place to maintain nursery, compound wall/bio fencing and water facility and to upload the names of such schools in the by 14th Sep along with photo of the school.
1.    To register & upload the names of all students of 8th to 10th classes in the same website as Green Corps Soldiers. Certificates will be given to the students for participation like NCC, NSS etc.
2.    To create awareness & ownership in the children regarding  environment & plantations through administering Green Pledge after prayer every day, talking about planting trees &environment during prayer, writing one slogan on the school information board, conducting debates, essay writing, painting competitions etc., on every 2nd or 3rd Saturday, distributing prizes on Republic day etc. A committee of DPO, DEO, PD DRDA, PD DWMA &DFO under the chairmanship of District Collector including ZPCE & Municipal Commissioners will supervise the programme sharing the Mandals for better supervision.
3.    Depending upon the no of seedlings wage seekers will be appointed from NREGS among whom one worker will be identified to maintain toilets.
Where there is no possibility of nursery to plant 200 trees under institutional plantation scheme and employ a worker to maintain toilets. Separate instructions given to forest dept to employ staff for administration purpose.
                                                                                                             Sd/- M.Rama Lingam
                                                                                                            Dist Education Officer                                                                               
                                                                                                          Prakasam Dist. Ongole

DOWNLOAD HERE    Rc.No.7493/B7/2015 ,Action Plan on Greening of  Rural Institutions through MGNREGS


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