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Modified Modal Schools List as on 13/09/2015

1. The  Concept  of  Adarsha  Pradhamika  Paatasala  (Model  Primary Schools).

1. Establishment proposed for each Model Primary School
a.Under one teacher, One Class room norm, five (5) Secondary Grade Teachers for Five (5) classes will be provided for Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) per GP/Municipality, provided the minimum enrolment from Class I to V is atleast 100. (However, for the year 2015-16 the required enrolment is atleast 80)
 (a)One of the 5 teachers in the Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) will be exclusively identified as English Teacherb.Beyond 130 students enrolled, 5 SGTs + 1 Head Master post will be provided.c.If the enrolment is <80, 4 Secondary Grade Teachers shall be provided, and on increased enrolment, the norm as at 1(a) shall be made applicable.e.Comprehensive infrastructure facilities to be provided for Model Primary School are (a) Adequate class rooms,
 (b) Toilets & Water supply,
 (c) Furniture,
 (d) Library room with adequate books,
 (e) Audio-Visual equipped class rooms and
 (f) attached Early Childhood Center (ECE) as feeder Center.f.Academic support will be provided on priority for Model Primary School for, quality enhancement and improving learning levels of students, special Training in English Teaching to the identified Teacher, Academic Coordination & Monitoring support by additional  teachers  (if   required)   and   adequate   Teaching- Learning Material will be provided to the Model PS.g.Any  of  the  teachers  to  be  adjusted  after  allocation  to  the Adarsha Pradhamika  Paatasala (Model Primary School), such teachers services will be utilized as an Academic Support to M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. / D.E.O. / D.I.E.T. / S.S.A etc., and as Cluster Academic   Coordinators   in   Special  projects   for  enhancing learning levels.

2.  The  basic  Norm  for  consolidation  of  schools  as     Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School)

1. To take Gram Panchayat / Municipality as a Unit.
2. Identify         the         Number         of         Primary         schools (Govt.,/MPP/Mpl)functioning in the Gram Panchayat / Municipality.
3. Where there are multiple Primary Schools in a Gram Panchayat / Municipality within 1 km radius and with < 30 students enrolled, they may be consolidated as one Model Primary School.
4. The Schools with <30 enrolment is to be consolidated with the schools with >30 enrolment (or vice-versa) within 1 KM radius in the Gram Panchayat
5. The  identified  school  to  be  designated  as  Adarsha  Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) shall be Centrally located and accessible.
6. Primary  School  may  be  identified  and  designated  as  Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) for that GP/Municipality.
7. The  identified  Adarsha  Pradhamika  Paatasala  (Model  Primary
School) must have adequate land for future expansion.
8. There will be no multi grade/class teaching by 1 Teacher in the
Model Primary School.
9. In no instance should any Primary school beyond 1 Km be included in this positive consolidation exercise.
10.The basic data for positive consolidation of Primary Schools   shall be “Child Info – Aadhar seeded enrolment data”.
11.Exceptions for positive consolidation are (i) where there is only one primary school in the whole Gram Panchayat  (even with <30 enrolments), (ii)  Schools which have Physical barriers – Canal, National  Highway,  Railway  track,  etc.,  (iii)schools  located  in Primitive Tribal Groups’ habitations,(iv) Minor medium schools, (v) Primary Schools in exclusive SC, ST colonies. If the minor media schools and the schools in SC/ST colonies prefer to be consolidated with the Model Primary School of the Gram Panchayat such request may be agreed to.
12.The scope for identifying more than one Model Schools in a GP/Municipality if the enrolment after consolidation is over 150 in the first Model Primary School.
13.Other Primary Schools that continue to function within 1 Km in the same GP/Municipality where positive consolidation is undertaken will be provided Teachers as per RTE norm of 1:30. One Class-One Teacher norm will be applied when enrolment improves in these schools.
14.The Premises of the Primary School which is consolidated with the Model Primary School in the Gram Panchayat can be used as an attached ECE (Early Childhood Centre). This will help in improving enrolment in the Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School). The necessary logistical support will be provided in coordination with the Women and Child Welfare Department.
7.         The Commissioner of School Education constituted a Mandal Level Committee to verifying the Physical Status and availability of Teachers, enrolment of students in each school in each Gram Panchayat, feasibility of consolidation of Primary Schools and Identifying the Proposed Model Primary Schools the Committee consists of following officers:
(1) Mandal Parishad Development Officer
(2) Mandal Educational Officer
(3) Headmaster of School Complex.
(4) Municipal Commissioner. (where there is Municipal Schools)
8.     The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad in the  reference  4th   read  above  has  informed  that  the  District  Educational Officer, Nellore has proposed Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) and positive consolidation of schools.
9.     The District Educational Officer, Nellore proposed the list of Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) and the Positive Consolidation of Schools.
10.       After careful examination of the matter, the Government hereby approve the Establishment of Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) as shown in Annexure-A and Positive Consolidation of Schools in Annexure-B to this order (The Primary Schools under Government / Mandal Praja Parishad). All other schools shall function as normal Primary Schools. With  regard  to  Municipal Schools  separate  orders will be  issued  by  the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department.
11. Comprehensive Infrastructure facilities for model primary schools shall be provided from the existing Government Schemes. No additional funds will be provided.

12.    The Commissioner and Director of School Education is requested to take necessary action in the matter.

Modified Modal Schools List as on 13/09/2015


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